Downy Infusions: Why?

Just saw a commercial for a Downy product – touch activated long lasting scent fabric conditioner (Ultra Downy Infusions). This sounds like such a terrible idea to me.

To begin with, I certainly don’t get why you would want MORE fragrance in your clothes than you already get with normal detergents and/or fabric softeners/dryer sheets. Sure, maybe you like the scents they offer or whatever. But to use a product that leaves so much residue on your clothes that touching the material releases the fragrance into the air? That just seems to be a terrible idea. Cloth that you wear next to your skin infused with chemicals, releasing those chemicals so you can breathe them all day long. I think it’s a little alarming.

I do not know anything about the toxicity of these products — apparently it’s difficult to get any kind of complete information about it because of trade secrets. But I don’t think I need to know the composition to be concerned about the addition of long-lasting chemicals onto your skin and into your lungs.

But also, just the fact that you’d want more fragrance in your laundry — what is that about? Is this for people who continually let their laundry sit in the washer and get smelly? Because there’s a solution for that that doesn’t cost money…

I was equally perplexed when they came out with “Unstopables”. The product doesn’t do anything but add more fragrance to your laundry as far as I can determine. Not to mention, why would you market a product with an inexplicable misspelling in the name? Usually brand name misspellings are to take advantage of a pun. I see no pun here, unless we are supposed to notice that there is less P in it. LOL

Maybe I’ll go back to foil balls in the dryer to prevent static cling and give up using dryer foil1sheets. I have tried it before and it does quite well. Better living through physics! The great thing is after they’ve been through a few cycles, they become shiny smooth little balls!

Adding a bit of white vinegar to the rinse water reportedly does a good job softening and eliminating soap residue. I have used vinegar to get rid of odors many times in the laundry rinse, so I know that works, but if you like some fragrance in your laundry, you can try a few drops of your favorite essential oil in with the vinegar.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with these products, pro or con.



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Follow-up on the Clothesline

I highly recommend that you check the condition of your clothesline and its knots and connections now and then. Unless you enjoy picking grass out of your undies.

Who needs a dryer anyway?


My ancient horrible clothes dryer bit the dust back in March. It still runs but will not heat. It’s definitely not worth paying to fix, and I’ve considered looking for a new or used one on Craigslist. But I decided I could get by with a clothesline, since it was early spring at the time and our snow melted early this year. My landlord was nice enough to install a retractable clothesline that I bought at the hardware store.

And I have been hanging the wash ever since. It’s definitely an adjustment, and a couple of times I’ve had to take wet wash to the laundromat to dry it there, but I rarely miss my dryer. Since it does still run as an air-dryer, I throw the line-dried towels in there for a bit to fluff them up. Otherwise they would be some scratchy.

I guess the biggest drawback is that I have to wait for a good day to do laundry. And it is a bit of work and time, but that part is kind of nice. A little extra work and a lot of FREE SUNSHINE!