Just what I needed

Ever since I replaced my cordless Dremel tool with a great corded one, I’ve been trying to figure out where to store it and what to do with the old case. The new tool doesn’t fit in the old case; it’s too big for the inserts. But that case is full of attachments and accessories that do fit in it. The new one didn’t come with a case, but did come with a small clear plastic box of accessories.

What I really wanted to do was to convert the case somehow so that everything will fit. I searched all over the internet for either a new case – apparently they don’t sell them separately, a used case – those on ebay don’t tell you what came in them so it’s hard to know if they would work, or some way to remake the old one.

After numerous rewordings (“remake tool case”, “make over tool case”, “modify tool case” — not one of those searches worked), I finally found the answer. It’s really not complicated and I think I’ll be able to repurpose (yes, that’s the word!) the old case. Here’s the link I liked:

Now. Would anyone like a cordless Dremel tool that won’t recharge?


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