Easy How-To: Insert a small calendar in an Excel spreadsheet (Windows) [UPDATE 10/8/2016]

I do a lot impromptu spreadsheets on my laptop when I’m trying to decide something — what’s the best price for different sizes at different online stores, whether it’s going to be cheaper to fly or drive somewhere, etc. Today I was looking at flights vs driving and I was getting tired of looking up dates, so I wanted a handy calendar right on the spreadsheet to refer to. I looked it up of course and sure, there are little programs you can get that will do that and long involved help processes to make a calendar in Excel, but really all I wanted was a static calendar right there to look at. Here’s what I did to make that happen:

For those familiar with these applications, in summary what I did was

  1. Open up Gadgets and get the simple Calendar – this will not work with the calendar on your Taskbar because it goes away when you try do a screenshot of it.
  2. Enlarge the Calendar Gadget and set it to the month you want in your spreadsheet.
  3. Start the Snipping Tool using Rectangular Snip setting, and grab a screenshot of the calendar.
  4. Paste it into your spreadsheet.

[Update for Windows 10: Gadgets have been discontinued, so the easiest way to get a small calendar screenshot would be to search online “calendar October 2016” or whatever month, click on Images or Image Search, choose the calendar you like and use the Snipping Tool to grab that image]

Here is a detailed tutorial:

Using Windows 7, or Vista (I don’t have Win8, so maybe works on there too), right click on the desktop and choose Gadgets.
Windows Gadgets
Calendar is one of the default options. Double click it.

Gadget Calendar
It looks like this.

Open calendar
Hover over the right side and hit the little arrow to open it up.

Change month
Click the arrows on the calendar to go to the month you want in your spreadsheet.

Now open up the Snipping Tool (Start Menu or All Programs/Accessories).
Snipping Tool
You may need to use the drop down arrow to choose Rectangular Snip, then hit New. Snip the calendar (if you have never used the Snipping Tool — you click and hold the mouse button, drag it over the area you want to select, let go of the button and the snip is ready to save or copy) and copy it. Then paste it in your spreadsheet by right-clicking where you want the calendar to be and choosing Paste. Done!