Tips That Will Amaze You…

In the interests of passing along little tidbits of wisdom, I have decided to post Tips That Will Amaze You when the spirit moves. I think for the most part they will amaze you for their simple-minded obviousness, but just in case you are like me and never thought of these things before, feel free to be actually amazed.

Today’s tip has to do with shoes–sneakers or other tie shoes in particular.

You know how you always seem to need your shoes to open up wider to get your foot in, but the laces keep them from opening up? So you then you have to adjust the laces section by section to open up the shoes enough?

Well, I have actually found a solution to this. Holding the shoe with both hands, take both of your thumbs and push the tongue down. At the same time, pull the sides of the shoes apart wider. Simple, right? Actually works. Don’t know how I went 56 years not knowing this.


Follow-up on the Clothesline

I highly recommend that you check the condition of your clothesline and its knots and connections now and then. Unless you enjoy picking grass out of your undies.