Welcome to my new Posterous Space!

Almost two years ago I moved from a rural community to a town on the outskirts of a small city in Maine, primarily to improve my prospects in the job market. Because I had a dog and 2 cats (still have the dog and one of the cats), finding an apartment at a price I could afford was an almost impossible task. I finally settled on a duplex situation on a quiet street in a very attractive town. It’s a house that has been divided by floor and I live on the bottom floor. For me, it’s very expensive. I am paying more than I have to, I suppose, but I couldn’t give up my pets, I needed enough room so that my daughter can stay with me when she is around, and as a single woman, safety was also an issue.

So, I’m very pleased with the place, I just have to do without a lot of things in order to pay for it and to keep gas in the car so that I can work. Ideally I would like to buy a small house since I would be able to spend much less on housing and wouldn’t be tossing my money into the wind every month. But that will require a full time income which is not in the offing at the moment.

In the meantime, I am finding ways to do things on the cheap, and sometimes it is worth sharing, so that’s what I want to do here. How to fix things yourself, make things you need, recipes I’ve used or concocted, and ways to avoid spending money



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