Who needs a dryer anyway?


My ancient horrible clothes dryer bit the dust back in March. It still runs but will not heat. It’s definitely not worth paying to fix, and I’ve considered looking for a new or used one on Craigslist. But I decided I could get by with a clothesline, since it was early spring at the time and our snow melted early this year. My landlord was nice enough to install a retractable clothesline that I bought at the hardware store.

And I have been hanging the wash ever since. It’s definitely an adjustment, and a couple of times I’ve had to take wet wash to the laundromat to dry it there, but I rarely miss my dryer. Since it does still run as an air-dryer, I throw the line-dried towels in there for a bit to fluff them up. Otherwise they would be some scratchy.

I guess the biggest drawback is that I have to wait for a good day to do laundry. And it is a bit of work and time, but that part is kind of nice. A little extra work and a lot of FREE SUNSHINE!


Welcome to my new Posterous Space!

Almost two years ago I moved from a rural community to a town on the outskirts of a small city in Maine, primarily to improve my prospects in the job market. Because I had a dog and 2 cats (still have the dog and one of the cats), finding an apartment at a price I could afford was an almost impossible task. I finally settled on a duplex situation on a quiet street in a very attractive town. It’s a house that has been divided by floor and I live on the bottom floor. For me, it’s very expensive. I am paying more than I have to, I suppose, but I couldn’t give up my pets, I needed enough room so that my daughter can stay with me when she is around, and as a single woman, safety was also an issue.

So, I’m very pleased with the place, I just have to do without a lot of things in order to pay for it and to keep gas in the car so that I can work. Ideally I would like to buy a small house since I would be able to spend much less on housing and wouldn’t be tossing my money into the wind every month. But that will require a full time income which is not in the offing at the moment.

In the meantime, I am finding ways to do things on the cheap, and sometimes it is worth sharing, so that’s what I want to do here. How to fix things yourself, make things you need, recipes I’ve used or concocted, and ways to avoid spending money